Saturday, December 15, 2007

Meeting in Honour of Bill Lawvere, Como

Como (Italy), January 10, 2008
An informal meeting will be held at the University of Insubria
in Como to celebrate the 70th birthday of Bill Lawvere.
The meeting will consist in a series of three lectures entitled
"Cohesive toposes: combinatorial and infinitesimal cases"
given by Bill Lawvere, a round table and a social dinner.

The lectures will be held in Sala Casartelli (Sala dei Nobel)
Viale Cavallotti 3

Tentative Schedule
Thuursday January 10 2008, Como
11.30-12.30 Lecture 1
13.00-14.30 Lunch
15.00-16.00 Lecture 2
16.00-16.30 Coffee Break
16.30-17.30 Lecture 3
17.30-18.30 Round Table and Discussion
20.00 Dinner

We would be pleased if people could register their interest by
sending an email to

Bill will be in Udine 7th and 8th of January
for the final meeting of a Prin project, delivering a lecture entitled
"Dynamics and Cohesion in Finite Toposes".
He will then be in Como from 10th to 12th January.

Bob Walters
5th December 2007

Friday, March 10, 2006

International Category Theory Conference CT 2006

White Point, Nova Scotia, June 25 - July 1, 2006
CT06 link

International Category Theory Conference
CT 2006
White Point, Nova Scotia, June 25 - July 1, 2006

Preliminary Program
Monday, June 26
9:00-12:15: Bill Lawvere: "The mathematical lives of Sammy and Saunders"
9:00-12:15: Peter Freyd: "New structures on old categories"
9:00-12:15: Walter Tholen: "Mac Lane and Factorizations"
2:00-2:25: Robert Paré: "Spans for 2-categories"
2:30-2:55: Thomas M. Fiore: "Double Categories and Pseudo Algebras"
3:00-3:25: John Iskra: "Smoothness in Zariski Categories"
3:45-4:10: Christine Vespa: "The functor category F_quad associated to quadratic spaces over F_2"
4:15-4:40: Paul Taylor: "On the Reaxiomatisation of General Topology"
4:45-5:10 A: Isar Stubbe: "Q-modules are Q-suplattices"
4:45-5:10 B: Michael J. Healy: "Applying Category Theory to Improve the Performance of a Neural Architecture" (with Richard D. Olinger, Robert J. Young, Thomas P. Caudell, K. Larson)
5:15-5:40 A: Claudio Pisani: "On the reflection and the coreflection of categories over a base in discrete fibrations"
5:15-5:40 B: Noson S. Yanofski: "Towards a Definition of an Algorithm"
Tuesday, June 27
9:00-9:55: Kathryn Hess: "Co-rings over operads"
10:00-10:45: Jiri Rosický: "Homotopy varieties"
11:00-11:35: Marco Grandis: "Fundamental lax 2-categories in Directed Algebraic Topology"
11:40-12:15: Ronnie Brown: "Applications of crossed complexes"
2:00-2:25: Susan Niefield: "Biexponentiability in Homotopy Slices of Top"
2:30-2:55: Thorsten Palm: "Categories with slicing"
3:00-3:25: Richard Steiner: "Omega-categories and chain homotopies"
3:45-4:10: Mike Johnson: "Constant complements, reversibility and universal view updates" (with Robert Rosebrugh)
4:15-4:40: Michel Hébert: "A Completeness Theorem for Injectivity Logic" (with J. Adámek and L. Sousa)
4:45-5:10 A: Elango Panchadcharam: "Mackey functors and Green functors"
4:45-5:10 B: Lurdes Sousa: "A complete orthogonality logic" (with J. Adámek and M. Hébert)
5:15-5:40 A: Jeffrey Morton: "Higher Dimensional Algebra and Quantum Mechanics"
5:15-5:40 B: João J. Xarez: "Galois theories of internal groupoids via congruence relations for Maltsev varieties"
Wednesday, June 28
9:00-9:55: Steve Lack: "A convenient 2-category of bicategories"
10:00-10:45: Myles Tierney: "Quasi-categories can model homotopy theories" (with André Joyal)
11:00-11:35: Dominique Bourn: "Homological properties of the categories of Hausdorff groups and Hausdorff semi-abelian algebras"
11:40-12:15: Marino Gran: "Torsion theories and Galois coverings of topological groups" (with Valentina Rossi)

Wednesday afternoon: Excursions
Thursday, June 29
9:00-9:55: Tom Leinster: "The Euler characteristic of a category"
10:00-10:45: Michael Makkai: "Higher dimensional diagrams via computads"
11:00-11:35: Dorette Pronk: "The Path-ology of Double Categories"
11:40-12:15: Dirk Hofmann: "Lax algebraic theories and closed objects"
2:00-2:25: Eugenia Cheng: "Towards an n-category of cobordisms" (with Nick Gurski)
2:30-2:55: Nick Gurski: "Algebraifying tricategories"
3:00-3:25: Simona Paoli: "Semistrict models of connected 3-types and Tamsamani's weak 3-groupoids"
3:45-4:10: Mark Weber: "2-toposes and higher dimensional algebra"
4:15-4:40 A: Diana Rodelo: "Cohomology without projectives"
4:15-4:40 B: Hugh Millington: "A New Ontology for Category Theory"
4:45-5:10 A: Matt Noonan: "Differential Geometry on Categories"
4:45-5:10 B: Jeff Egger: "The Frobenius relations meet linear distributivity"
5:15-5:40 A: Toby Kenney: "Injective Power Objects and the Axiom Of Choice"
5:15-5:40 B: Derek Wise: "Chain field theory"
Friday, June 30
9:00-9:55: Peter Selinger: "Categorical models of quantum computation"
10:00-10:45: Pieter Hofstra: "The category of realizability toposes"
11:00-11:35: Richard Wood: "Cartesian Bicategories II" (with A. Carboni, G.M. Kelly, R.F.C. Walters)
11:40-12:15: Jiri Adámek: "Iterative Algebras and Iterative Monads"
2:00-2:25: Stefan Milius: "Recursive coalgebras"
2:30-2:55: Richard Blute: "Deep Inference and Probabilistic Coherence Spaces" (with Prakash Panangaden and Sergey Slavnov)
3:00-3:25: Jürgen Koslowski: "Simulations as a genuinely categorical concept"
3:45-4:10: Robert Seely: "Differential Categories" (with Richard Blute, Robin Cockett)
4:15-4:40: Luigi Santocanale: "Properties of Free Sigma-Pi Categories" (with Robin Cockett)
4:45-5:05 A: Josep Elgueta: "2-categories of representations of a 2-group"
4:45-5:05 B: Emmanuel Galatoulas: "Towards an interpretation of Quantum Mechanics from a bicategorical point of view"
5:10-5:30 A: J. Martínez-Moreno: "The actor of a categorical crossed module" (with M.A. García-Muñoz)
5:10-5:30 B: Robert E. Kent: "The information flow framework: New architecture"
5:35-5:55 A: Stefan Forcey: "A categorification of the associahedra: combinatorics, realizations and weak enrichment"
5:35-5:55 B: Michael Winter: "Arrow Categories"
Saturday, July 1
8:30-9:25: Steve Schanuel: "TBA"
9:30-10:10: Enrico Vitale: "Derivations of internal groupoids" (with S. Kasangian, S. Mantovani, G. Metere)
10:15-10:40: Gábor Lukács: "Non-commutative k-spaces" (with Rachid El Harti)
10:45-11:35: Bill Lawvere: "Axiomatic theory of cohesive space"


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